Plastic Consumption

Why Plastic is Not Fantastic

You may have heard of the recent sky news story about ‘The Plastic Whale’ that sadly had to be shot just off the coast of Norway. The reason for this unfortunate event: the large amount of waste plastic the whale had accidentally ingested. Scientists found that the whale had swallowed …

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clive the cleaner

Clive the Cleaner

We are pleased to welcome the newest member of the Crystal Clean team, Clive the Computer Cleaner. Clive brings a wealth of skills to our team; his specialties include content writing and keyboard cleaning…but unfortunately, he can’t do the dishes. Clive has had an exciting week with the staff at …

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Hot desking

Not so Hot Hot-Desking

In the UK a third of all office workers us hot desks, a recent survey of 400 multinational corporations found that two-thirds plan to implement shared-desk workplaces by 2020. These figures are unsurprising when you consider that office space is typically being the second-biggest overhead for office-based organisations. But is hot desking always the best …

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