Scent vs. Sanitiser.

“It smells lovely and clean.” I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people say this, or something like it, when they walk into a lemon-scented office, but I think it’s important to note that whilst something may smell lovely, it’s smell has no bearing whatsoever on its cleanliness. Conversely, …

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risk management

How to manage on-site risks

Risks are all around us. As human beings we’re not very good at assessing or managing risk. We tend to pay attention to the obvious dangers and tend to ignore what we can’t see or perceive. As a business we are obliged to keep the public, customers and employees safe …

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Chart of35 different hazard signs

8 ways to prepare your staff for office safety hazards.

  We think we recognise hazardous environments, but conversely, some of the least hazardous places can be more dangerous because we’re complacent about the risks. Any inherently hazardous workplace will have many safeguards and processes to mitigate the hazards as much as possible, but the office workplace isn’t generally perceived …

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