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Are you really saving money by keeping your cleaning in-house?

How cost effective is it really to have an in-house cleaner? Over the years we’ve met many business owners who manage their cleaning needs in-house. There are many reasons for this; cost, trust and flexibility are just a few but the real cost to having an in-house cleaner is not always as clear cut as it seems. The cost of having to recruit, manage and train your cleaner should be taken into account. Are you also adding in the cost of your equipment and products? When you really break down the costs and time involved with your business’s cleaning needs, how does outsourcing compare? This is our review of four key areas…..


Many people tell us that they have an in-house general maintenance person and that they are responsible for the cleaning, repairs, stock management, office moves and transport needs. The advantage to this is that it can be a really cost effective way to manage all those jobs that build up within your building. The downside can be that there is no set cleaning schedule and tasks can get left behind when the person is assigned to do other things.

Outsourcing to a cleaning company costs more by the hour however this provides fully trained and fully insured members of staff who have a support team behind them. A study by industry analysts IFMA (the International Facility Management Association) showed that outsourcing your cleaning actually saves business 25% on taking the tasks in house. The company will also provide cleaning 52 weeks a year, so there will not be any cleaning issues during periods of absence.


The cost and up keep of the the equipment and products is your responsibility. Are your vacuum cleaners working properly, how do you ensure that the ladders are meeting the required standard? Are you purchasing the right cleaning agent for the right job. Whilst you have complete control and choice of the process, you could also cause damage by using the wrong equipment or products.

A professional company ensures that the right equipment is used for each task; window cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, sanatisation etc. All these tasks require specialist equipment in order to get the job done properly. An external cleaning company will provide all the equipment and the cleaning products at no extra cost and will provide guarantees that ensure no damage comes to your property.


If you manage your own cleaners you are likely to know them well, you interviewed them and have conducted your own checks. As they are your employee you are likely to feel at ease with them in your business and trust them with responsibility. You however will need to deal with any poor standard issues and as an employee this could then involve the HR team.

Whilst you may not have interviewed the cleaner they have been vetted by the cleaning company. They will have a valid DBS check and be fully covered by the company’s insurance. The cleaning company would take full responsibility for the cleaner and their actions should an incident ever occur.

Regulations and Legislation

When chemicals are involved there is legislation and regulation to follow in order to stay compliant, safe and up to date. How this is managed in-house is dependant on the size of your business but it is a time-consuming process for an individual to take on and this can consume time set out for the actual cleaning tasks.

A professional cleaning company will be fully compliant and up-to-date with legislation. They have a team of people that have capacity to adapt to changes quickly. The protection of company equipment, the health of the cleaner and your staff will be considered as a high priority and taken very seriously. This is their area of expertise so you should feel confident that all standards are being met.

There are many things to consider when reviewing your cleaning options but could making a decision purely based on an hourly rate end up costing you more?

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