Cleaners cutting corners

Are your cleaners cutting corners?

Maintaining a workplace that is clean and hygienic for your employees and customers is important to ensure a pleasant and safe working environment. The first impression of your building can have a lasting affect and maintaining a clean office is a vital part this. Using a commercial cleaning company is a great way to keep the standards high but from time to time we meet businesses that aren’t really sure what should be undertaken by their cleaners and then what to do if they aren’t happy.

What should you do if your cleaning company are cutting corners?

Here are a few signs that your cleaning company might be cutting corners and undermining the efforts of creating a productive business:-

Firstly, a reputable cleaning company should have provided you with a cleaning schedule. You should have a very clear list of the tasks that will be undertaken on a daily, weekly, monthly and even annual basis. If you haven’t been provided with a schedule you should ask for one, most commercial cleaners would have them as standard practice.

If you don’t have a schedule to hand but feel that the cleaning standards are not acceptable we advise that you check the following:-

  • Check the bins have been emptied
  • Check that the floors are clean
  • Check that there are no cobwebs
  • Is there visible dust on your surfaces?
  • Cleaning equipment and power cords should not be left lying around as they pose a trip hazard
  • Wet floors should have the correct signage otherwise it could result in an injury

If these basics are not being met, talk with the cleaner directly and ask who you can talk to about this. It would also be a good time to request a meeting with the company to address these issues.

Our team at Crystal Clean Service all work to a cleaning schedule, tasks are clearly outlined for the days when they are working on your premises. Our team members are also fully trained, and DBS cleared prior to working. We have very high standards and we work to ensure that our customers are happy with the service we provide.

We also have Supervisors overseeing different team members who complete regular spot check audits to ensure that your workplace is being maintained as agreed. We have a very clear checklist system and we are able address any issues quickly and effectively.

Crystal Clean audit checklist

Working to such high standards has meant that we have generated a number of very happy customers and in the last 10 years we have had some great feedback that has helped to establish us as an award-winning company in the region.

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and the A team. Things went really smoothly this year and a fantastic job as always. We get better every year!       Leading Yorkshire University

Crystal Clean have been working as our commercial cleaning service provider for a number of years, on our previous offices and over the last 15 months since we moved into our brand-new premises. They have been a pleasure to deal with throughout this time, they make sure they get a great job done each time, but with minimal disruption to our day to day. You almost forget they are there, which is a real credit to how they operate. The staff have always remained professional, polite and friendly and they take pride in their work. To know we have a regularly cleaned working environment does impact positively on my team. I can highly recommend Hayley and her team.           Yorkshire Product Company

Would you say the same about your cleaning contractors?

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