Telephone and Computer sanitisation

Telephone and Computer sanitisation

Most cleaners will dust down the phones and keyboards in your office at least once a week, and even go over them with a damp cloth, but is that really enough to get rid off all the bacteria, dust, make-up and other detritus that builds up on your communication equipment …

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Building Security

The ins and outs of building security

Whenever we begin work for a new customer we always ask for the current entry and exit procedure documentation for their business. I’m always a little surprised at how few businesses have documented their entry and exit procedures. It’s worth remembering that the weakest link in any security arrangement is …

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customer focus

How to focus on your customers

This might sound laughably easy, and if you type the words “customer focus” into any search engine you’ll get a huge number of suggestions and even paid for seminars on how to improve your customer focus, how to ‘maximise’ your customer focus and how to develop a customer focus strategy. …

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outsourcing office cleaning services

Blog – The pros and cons of outsourcing your office cleaning.

When considering how to make sure your office stays safe, clean and tidy, it’s worth considering the pros and cons of retaining a professional contract cleaning service, and comparing them with those of cleaning the office yourself or hiring a cleaner directly. What you choose for your business will depend …

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Contracts and Service Level Agreements.

  As a commercial cleaning service, the contract entered into with customers is the foundation of the  business relationship, and in common with physical foundations you don’t want a great deal of change or movement in the contract, once it is in place. A contract will typically lay out the …

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Training and development

When I started out with Crystal Clean Service as a sole trader, I was determined to teach myself the skills and knowledge I needed to run a successful business. Whilst there is a great deal of general information available that has been targeted at supporting entrepreneurs, I quickly reached a …

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