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The ins and outs of building security

Whenever we begin work for a new customer we always ask for the current entry and exit procedure documentation for their business. I’m always a little surprised at how few businesses have documented their entry and exit procedures. It’s worth remembering that the weakest link in any security arrangement is often the human factor, and no matter how good your locks and alarms are, none of them will be any use unless they are all locked and activated correctly.

Checklists have become essential tools for ensuring that vital procedures are closely observed, because they really work. Even an experienced employee may forget a crucial task under pressure. Entry and exit checklists break down specific actions into a logical sequence. Rigorous observance of the checklist will ensure nothing is forgotten or overlooked.

When our customers don’t have a procedure in place, we will always help to generate one on their behalf. We consider an exit and entry procedure document an essential part of any new contract, because we are entrusted with the physical security of our clients’ premises and we need to know the exact details of how the building is kept secure. Defining clear exit and entry procedures can also be important in the event of an insurance claim, as some insurers may invalidate a claim from a company without one! We also advocate a regular review and update of your procedures to ensure any changes to your premises are reflected in the checklists.

A good entry and exit procedure should include a checklist internal security measures, such as:

Which internal doors are to be locked shut
Which windows and blinds are to be closed/locked
Ensuring fire doors are shut and locked
Ensuring electrical equipment and appliances are safely turned off.
Ensuring window and door shutters are closed and locked

We would also include an overall building security check which might include:

The alarm set and disable procedure, including codes and full instructions
Detailing the number of doors that need to be locked, the number of locks per   door, and the order in which to operate the locks.
Securing automatic doors
What to do if the alarm fails to arm
Who to call in an emergency.

From our perspective as key holders, a clear definition of entry and exit procedures helps our staff keep your business secure, and allows them to alert the right people in the event of an incident or equipment/alarm failure.

But whether you use a contract cleaning service or not, having clear, current and comprehensive entry and exit checklists should be the foundation of your security procedure.

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