trusted cleaning service

What makes a trusted service?

Handing over your keys to a new cleaning company could be a little nerve wracking. You’re giving unfettered access to your office to people you’ve never met. What if they forget to lock up? What if they lose the keys? Are the cleaners all trustworthy? It’s the sort of thing …

Mop maintenance

Mop Maintenance

A well maintained, well organised mop lasts longer and is at less risk of being cross-contaminated and raising.

contract cleaning company

Establishing a Cleaning Contract

If you’ve been cleaning your premises yourself, you might not know what level of service you’d require from your cleaners

Why you shouldn't eat at your office desk

Why you shouldn’t eat at your office desk

As the weather warms up people’s attention turns to that glorious tradition of al fresco dining, and office workers all over the country will be taking advantage of their sunny lunch breaks to soak up some sunshine, rather than eating lunch at their desks, something that over half the country’s …

best Value cleaning contract

How to Measure Value

As a business owner, it’s important to know that any investment you make is money well spent, and this includes your investment in a cleaning contract.

Health and Safety Standards

Maintaining Good Health and Safety Standards

Meeting Health and Safety standards is incredibly important for any business. As a contract cleaning company, we have to ensure that we not only meet the health and safety standards relevant to the work we undertake, and the HSE requirements standard to any company, we also go the extra mile …