Personal protective equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

When cleaning your premises, we equip all of our staff with the correct equipment.Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, doesn’t just mean that our staff are easily recognisable; providing them with the right kit means that they’re as safe as possible when they’re doing their job.

Storing cleaning chemicals

Storing Cleaning Materials Correctly

Are your cleaners storing their materials and cleaning chemicals correctly? If not, they could be putting other products stored in the cupboard at risk of damage or worse, hamper the treatment of any injuries incurred during a chemical accident.

safe use of vacuum cleaners

Safe Use of Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuums are every cleaner’s best friend, but as with any corded electrical appliance, they pose a range of health and safety hazards that both those using them, and those around them in use should be aware of.

DBS Checks

We think it’s essential to carry out checks on our employees before they begin work so we can ensure that they’re of the highest possible standard and legally allowed to work there.

commercial cleaning materials

Impact of Over Ordering Cleaning Materials

Over ordering cleaning products can have a negative impact on your business. Not only can it wreak havoc with the organisation of your cleaning cupboard, but your cleaner’s excessive ordering could be costing you money.