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Dangers of Storing Cleaning Chemicals at Height

It might seem obvious, but storing chemicals at height is a seriously dangerous practice. If your cleaners are storing chemicals at head height or above, they could be putting themselves and your staff in danger.

Cleaning Cupboard Security

Cleaning Cupboard Security

Cleaning cupboards could contain hazardous chemicals, contaminated clothes and the products essential for cleaning your premises. We keep our cleaning cupboards tidy and secure to ensure the safe and smooth running of your cleaning service.

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Correct Signing in Procedures

We make sure that our staff adhere to both your signing-in procedure and our own. This explains why it helps keep them safe.

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Cleaning Staff Induction and Development

To ensure that all Crystal Clean Service employees fully understand their responsibilities at the sites they’re working, we provide a full, tailored induction for each site. This video explains our staff induction and development program.

Why not take a Tour de office?

We all know how important a clean working environment is not only to promote a “positive working attitude” for staff but also to comply with HSE regulations. When was the last time you took a tour of your office, factory or place of work to see what improvements could be …