Derbyshire Times Business Awards

Crystal Clean short-listed for two awards

The short-list for the Derbyshire Times Business Awards has been announced, and we are delighted to be up for awards in two categories; Customer Service and Employer of the Year.

washroom services

Saving Sheffield’s businesses from that sinking feeling.

Crystal Clean Service, Sheffield’s contract cleaning firm has launched a specialist washroom cleaning service to meet the growing demand from companies who want guaranteed hygienic and clean washing and toilet facilities for their staff and visitors. Managing director Hayley Gillbard, who founded Crystal Clean Service at the age of 18 …

Promotion for Kath Birch

We’re pleased to announce that Kath Birch, who previously held the position of team leader, has been promoted to supervisor as part of an on going business restructure. Having already been part of the Crystal Clean team for 18 months, Kath has proven her abilities managing and supporting cleaners and …

classification of cleaning chemicals

Chemicals are being reclassified

Although the regulations have been in place for years, enforcement of the EC1272/2008 regulations on the classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures (known as CLP) have not been enforced up until now, and companies like us have generally kept to the UN Globally Harmonised System (GHS), which is …

chemistry of commercial cleaning

The chemistry of commercial cleaning.

In a domestic setting people often combine their cleaning materials either on purpose, with a capful of bleach in a detergent solution to sterilise dishcloths for example, or inadvertently refilling one spray container with a different cleaning substance. In a commercial cleaning context however, the mixing of cleaning agents is …

save lives clean your hands day

SAVE LIVES: Clean your hands.

Today is ‘Save Lives Clean your Hands’ day, created to promote awareness and improve hand hygiene worldwide. Washing your hands seems like such an everyday action and many of us will give handwashing little thought at home or at work, but poor handwashing technique is an open door for bacteria …