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Clean up for Summer

After weeks of wonderful weather, we are all starting to believe that we may get a really good summer this year. Many colleagues are booking long weekends to the British coast and enjoying the warmer evenings really taking advantage of the heat. We have to admit it; the sun just seems to make everything feel better.

Not one to put a downer on the weather and of course we wouldn’t wish it away, but we thought we should give you some tips on how to deal with the heat and the smells in your office. When the sun is shining outside, it would help at least if the office is clean and fresh and not stinky and dirty.

Empty the Bins
Keep the bins throughout your workplace empty of food waste. If you don’t have a daily cleaner, we recommend empting the bins to the collection point outside every evening. Whilst this might mean a few extra trips, it will stop flies and ants being enticed inside and it will also prevent you from being greeted to the smell of rotting food when you open up in a morning.

Open the windows
It’s warm so let in the air! Stale air in the office reduces the amount of oxygen and increases the density of airborne germs and remember as the temperature rises, so can the smells! Opening the window for at least 30 minutes each day massively increases the quality of air and if you don’t have any air-conditioning, it will help to keep you cool and reduce the smells too.

Clean your air conditioning units
Ideally you should clean your air conditioning unit monthly but at the very least make sure they have been cleaned and serviced ready for the summer. If left unchecked, not only will they become inefficient, but they will also harbour germs and bacteria. That is not something you want to blow around the office!

Kitchen Areas
Don’t leave dirty dishes in the kitchen, make sure that are washed and cleaned before leaving the office each day. If you don’t have a dishwasher, start a rota so it doesn’t always fall to the same person each evening. If you have a professional cleaning company in each day, why not see if this can be included in their schedule.

Keeping your toilets clean and fresh is very important as so many people use them every day and they can quickly become unsanitary. In the heat bad toilet aromas can be intensified and if the toilets are not cleaned regularly, urine and waste can build up in the pipes which can create a health risk and can be the cause of those awful smells. A regular cleaning routine will ensure your toilets are always fresh.

Have a cleaning plan
When it comes to cleaning an office, there is always the risk of missing tasks. If a thorough cleaning plan is in place, then all the areas should be addressed on a regular basis and your office will at least be a nice environment to work in.

Keeping the workplace clean and well-maintained increases productivity and it helps people at work to feel more valued and respected. Also, if you have clients visit, they will leave with a good impression of your business and your standards. If you would like some more tips on cleanliness in the office, get in touch with our team today info@crystalcleanservice.co.uk. In the meantime, long live the sun!


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