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Cleaner work spaces provide a more productive environment

We’ve had a busy year so far! Working with some amazing businesses and organisations has meant that Crystal Clean Service has expanded, not only has our team grown but so has our client base. We have been working with both Hallam and Sheffield university, as well as some local schools, to help them get ready for their students return. We have also been doing more with both the Barnsley and Rotherham and Sheffield City Chamber of Commerce, attending a number of events and exhibitions.

A cleaner class room improves productivity!

Furniture and equipment harbour germs and bacteria, in fact viruses such as the flu can survive on hard surfaces for 24 hours. Studies have proven that the average keyboard is dirtier than a toilet seat!

If the school is a clean and inviting environment, the students arrive with a more positive mind-set. Studies have shown that a lack of cleanliness becomes a distraction to a students learning ability and that a tidy building can aid the learning process.

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