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Cleaning contractors in your work place – what should you expect?

How do you ensure that the cleaning products used in your workplace are handled in a safe manner? Are you up to speed with what is being stored on your site? Do you know that cleaning products contain potentially dangerous chemicals? All of these questions should be easily taken care of by a reliable cleaning contractor.

When cleaning products are used incorrectly the chemicals can damage office equipment and furniture. Some cleaning products can be so corrosive that they can cause skin burns and even eye damage! Most mistakes are avoidable and unfortunately we have found that within the cleaning industry, most incidents happen due to the staff being poorly trained or not given the right tools for the job.

We ensure that all the team members at Crystal Clean Service are fully trained to understand what chemicals are in our products to ensure that no damage is caused to your furniture or equipment. We follow the HSE guidance provided by the Government, work stringently to the regulations set under COSHH (Care of substances Hazardous to health) and take full responsibility for all of the products used on your premises and the safe and secure storage of them.

In order to ensure that your cleaners are working within the regulations set you should expect a certain standard:-

  • You should have been provided with COSHH and MsDS sheets for the supplies they leave on site.
  • The cleaning team should have suitable PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) when at your premises
  • The staff should be operating to HSE guidelinesAre you current contractors meeting all the requirements above?

Storing cleaning products
The storage of cleaning products is also very important. The Crystal Clean Service team follow the standards set below:-

  • Storing cleaning supplies in a clean, dry and secure area.
  • All supplies are kept in their original containers to ensure that you are fully aware of what each product contains.
  • We NEVER mix cleaning products together as this can cause toxic gasses
  • We ALWAYS follow manufacturer instructions
  • We use separate cleaning caddies for specific areas to ensure that the products are used in the most hygienic way, i.e. separate mops for kitchens and bathrooms etc

Watch our short video on storage for cleaning materials

If you require any further advice on cleaning products or would like to know how you can ensure that you are meeting the regulations laid out by the HSE, get in touch with one of our expert team members today on 0114 4010 550

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