clive the cleaner

Clive the Cleaner

We are pleased to welcome the newest member of the Crystal Clean team, Clive the Computer Cleaner. Clive brings a wealth of skills to our team; his specialties include content writing and keyboard cleaning…but unfortunately, he can’t do the dishes.

Clive has had an exciting week with the staff at Crystal Clean Service, here he gives us the low down of what he and his crazy blue hair have been getting up to:

Day 1: ‘Despite previously having no cleaning experience the staff soon showed me the ropes, I learnt everything from moping to drying, dusting and sweeping. I never had a clue how much was involved, all the cloths and even the mop buckets are colour coordinated to prevent cross contamination. I was made to work through our Crystal Clean Academy workbook. The workbook is designed for individuals of all ability which is great for me as I am not a great reader. The cleaning is physical work so by the end of the day its fair to say I was in need of some cookies and a cuppa!’

Day 2: ‘Today I got involved with my first computer clean! It was a massive undertaking, we managed to get through a whopping 1000 computers! It’s not an easy job, computers, monitors, mice, keyboards and telephones have to be thoroughly dusted, wiped, cleaned and sanitized. The scary part is what you can find lurking in between those keys …. It almost put me off my packed lunch. Then it was time to do some evening deliveries of washroom supplies in Crystal Clean van.’

Day 3: ‘Today was spent at Crystal Clean HQ, it was great to get to know the office staff, everyone seems really helpful and friendly, like one big happy cleaning family. I got to spend some time in the marketing department and help out our accounts administrator – it’s fair to say office duties aren’t really my forte but I’m a dab hand when it comes to copywriting!’

Day 4: ‘The team took me to a variety of customer sites, from large industrial premises to small local offices, I am surprised how different each clean can be, every site is different and every customer has different requirements. At one office, we were required to conduct a carpet clean, at the next we were high reach cleaning the windows (something that I did not fair too well at!). It’s also nice to see that everyone mucks in if sickness or holiday cover is required, even Hayley our MD is prepared to roll her sleeves up if a job needs doing!’

Day 5: ‘To polish off the week (excuse the pun) it was time for a deep clean, washing walls, floors and surfaces, getting in all those hard to reach places and removing stains from the carpets. I even got to use some of our specialist equipment including our power vac and electric mop. I totally underestimated how much elbow grease went into these cleans, but working a part of the team made the work so enjoyable! Now I am ready for some hard-earned rest at the weekend. Coronation omnibus and a Chinese takeaway for me.’

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You can also catch Clive at the chamber means business exhibition held at the AASEAL Football Ground on the 14th of September. Click here to register.

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