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Are Your Commercial Cleaners Cutting Corners?

Missed meetings, lost documents, late for work again? These are all things that we do our best to avoid as we know that mistakes and complacency can be detrimental to business. It is therefore surprising that whilst many firms try not to cut corners in business, the same cannot always be said for their cleaning company, despite the risks this may cause. Here we outline some of the reasons why clever cleaning should never be undervalued:

SAFETY: A clean place is a safe place. Complacency costs money. Accident or injury could occur if wet floors are not highlighted with the appropriate signage leaving the company liable for court fees and compensation.

! Check point: Make sure your cleaning company always uses appropriate signage!

HEALTH: An inadequate cleaning regime could be damaging your employees’ health. If dust is left to collect on surfaces and becomes airborne workers will inhale this dust which could lead to respiratory illnesses. However various steps can be taken to prevent a build-up of dust such as replacing brooms with vacuums, wiping surfaces and a regular cleaning regime.

! Check point: Inspect surfaces on a regular basis to ensure your cleaning company isn’t letting a build up of dust occur.

EQUIPMENT: Incorrect cleaning methods can cause bacteria to build up on equipment, this is particularly increases the risk of cross contamination in offices that use hot desking. Similarly, using the wrong cleaning chemicals is not only a health and safety hazard but could also result in stained and discolored surfaces, reducing the life of furniture and equipment. Cleaners also need to be educated on how to use and maneuver cleaning equipment correctly as neglecting the right methods could result in illness or injury.

Check point: Check your cleaners have the correct equipment to carry out their tasks. Ask about colour coding COSHH and PAT Testing. Also, are the chemicals being used by your cleaners clearly labelled?

DISSATISFACTION: For most, the workplace is home for five days a week, but in order to make it a pleasant environment it needs to be kept clean and tidy. A messy workplace can result in reduced productivity due to employee dissatisfaction. Moreover, clean and tidy employees may waste work time cleaning up after their messier counterparts.

! Check point: Ask your staff about their perception of your cleaner’s performance? Are they happy with the standards of cleaning in the workplace?

COST: You may think reducing your cleaning contract or changing cleaning companies will save money, but in the majority of cases this is a false economy. Switching to a company that is not thorough in their practices could cost you more money in the long term.  In addition, if cleaning gets left until the working environment is dirty and aesthetically unpleasing then a more expensive deep clean may be required. It therefore pays to keep on top of cleaning duties.

! Check point: Closely analyse your current cleaning contract. Are you truly happy with the quality of their work?

The bottom line is this: if businesses become complacent in their cleaning practices, they could be putting employees at risk, bypassing health and safety regulations and therefore incurring more costs in the long run.

At Crystal Clean Service, we take pride in our work and most importantly we don’t cut corners. If you are in need of help or would like a free, no-obligation assessment then give us a call on 0114 4010 500.

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