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Eggcellent service is no yolk!

Do you get an eggcellent service from your cleaning company, or perhaps they’re a bit of a yolk?

Very often, sub-standard cleaning is not a result of poor cleaners, but a lack of management, support, training, materials and even basic communications – all of which are key factors in enabling staff to provide an outstanding service.

It can be difficult to measure the performance of a cleaning firm without quality audits or a service level agreement, but there are many cleaning firms who neglect these two crucial components of a successful cleaning contract.

A service level agreement is a vital safeguard not just for you, but your cleaning firm as well. It sets out exactly what will be carried out in terms of cleaning and maintenance, and defines the responsibilities of the cleaning team as they pertain to your workplace, factory floor or kitchen area.

In my experience, I have heard managers blame their own cleaners for poor service, and this always sets my alarm bells ringing, as it demonstrates a lack of communication between management and the cleaning teams. That lack of communication may even indicate wider problems such as a lack of training and support.

A good cleaning firm will offer you the full audit and service level agreement, and a structured cleaning schedule that has been designed to fit around your working times and practices. This will ensure that workplaces are clean, cleaners are well briefed and aware of the details that make your workplace unique, and that no-one will end up with egg on their face.

If you’re interested in the services of a contact cleaners that provides an eggcellent service, contact us here and book your free sit audit.

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