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How to spot a good cleaner?

We are constantly asked why our team and our cleaners are different to last company they used, why the standard is better and why in general the whole experience is just different? Many people assume that cleaning is easy, but we know that the industry suffers a bad reputation for poor timekeeping and below par standards. So actually, cleaning to a repeatedly high standard is something that takes time, effort and planning, it is not that easy! We have to continually work to maintain our reputation as a company that provides a good quality, cleaning service.

At Crystal Clean Service, we put an emphasis on recruiting the right team members and looking for people with the right skills and mind-set. We then ensure that we provide a training programme that looks at the importance of key skills and standards.

If you are unsure what to look for in a reliable and good quality cleaning company, these are the skills, attributes and standards we work to at Crystal Clean Service:-

We instill the importance of taking pride in your work. You have to care about the job you are doing and the finish that you leave. Our cleaning team take ownership of every clean and know that their name is connected to that job. Having pride in each task ensures that the standards are kept high.

Health and Safety
In our ongoing training programme, we cover all the H&S requirements associated with being a cleaner. We have all seen wet floor signs but there is so much more to it. Safe use and storage of the cleaning products and avoiding the use of bleach and toxic chemicals are also very important. Ensuring that each client is made aware of the rota, guidance on how to avoid slips, trips and falls and how to ensure that those around you are kept safe is also covered. Taking responsibility for your team and your cleaning practices greatly reduces the risk of incidents.

Many of our client’s hand over a set of keys to our team members and they are sometimes given access to an empty building. Being able to trust your cleaner is massively important. All of our team members are DBS checked prior to work taking place and all necessary due diligence is carried out by our Supervisors to give you peace of mind that the people in your building can be trusted.

Attention to detail
Having a keen attention to detail is vital to being able to maintain high cleaning standards. Our team members are also very good at being able to pick up on any areas that may need further attention and they then raise it with their Supervisor to see how it can be improved.  We ensure that we work with each client to ensure that the little things don’t go unattended.

A good cleaner should have a schedule to work to. The cleaning company should set out the work that will be done on each visit, you have a right to expect this to happen every time. The best way to ensure consistent standards is a checklist covering off all the tasks and our team have these for every job.


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