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International Women’s Day – Working in a Woman’s World!

When our MD, Hayley was just 18 years old she decided to set up the business, she advertised with flyers and began offering cleaning services straight away. By doing the tasks herself she was able to truly see what the clients needs where and how she could help. Within 4 months of trading it was clear that is was going well and Hayley was able to take on a team of cleaning staff to help grow her business.

Talking with Hayley, we asked who she looked up to when she was starting out; “At the time Female entrepreneur Hilary Devey was my inspiration. She was the first female business owner I had ever seen and was on the TV at the same time I was setting up the business. She is very driven and focused, I found that, that attitude really helped me get started”

Today, nearly 10 years after starting out, Hayley employs over 70 members of staff, of which the majority are female. The cleaning sector is an industry dominated by a female workforce and Crystal Clean Service is no exception. However it is less usual for the admin and management team to be an all female crew, the Crystal Clean Service office team are also 100% female and more importantly work really well together. Hayley says “Whilst we always employ people based on them being the best candidate, I am proud of the team we have and working with strong and driven women really helps to drive me too”.

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