Condensation at work

Cold, damp and stuffy – Sound familiar?

As the wintery weather really takes hold and we are surrounded by cold and damp items in the office we are all looking for ways to stay warm at work, but simply turning up the heat won’t tackle all the issues relating to the cold weather and can increase the risk of illness

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1919 maid - 2019 cleaner

Life of a cleaner 1919-2019

The life of a cleaner has evolved greatly over the last 100 years and with the recent release of the Downton Abbey movie it got us thinking. What was the life of a cleaner really like in 1919 compared to today?

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Tips for Office cleaning

If you don’t have any cleaner covering and don’t have access to the professional cleaning products they normally use, we have some great tips for you if you plan on tackling some of the jobs yourself.

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