Office and Business Centre Cleaning

As professional office cleaners we understand that a un-kept and unsightly office is not only an eyesore but can also contribute to staff low morale and a reduction in productivity. That’s why we work closely with clients to provide bespoke office and business centre cleaning packages to ensure your office is a space to be proud of.

Commercial Office Cleaning Services

At Crystal Clean Service we work closely with your building manager to establish a convenient cleaning schedule to suit your office or business centre environment and minimize disruption. Regardless of the size of your office, number of employees or how regularly you require a clean, our professional cleaning staff are fully equipped for the job. As part of our service, we ensure your office and communal spaces such as staff rooms, kitchens and washrooms always remain clean and hygienic.

Our commercial cleaning services extend far beyond general office cleaning as we are also able to offer a range of washroom hygiene solutions, computer and keyboard sanitisation and additional services such as carpet and window cleaning.

Office cleaning
Office Cleaning & Business Centre Cleaning

Professional, Competent Cleaning Staff

We recognise that your office may contain confidential and secure information, that’s why all our employees are highly trained, uniformed for easy identification and carry ID cards at all times. Our commercial cleaning staff are closely monitored, managed and actively encouraged to work as though they are part of your team. Our office cleaners are professionally trained at our Crystal Clean Academy and always follow your policies and procedures where necessary to ensure that your cleaning service is as efficient as possible. Prior to beginning a contract we always conduct an on-site risk assessment and readily provide all relevant documentation to comply with health and safety requirements.

Bespoke Cleaning Packages

We pride ourselves in providing an honest and transparent commercial cleaning service, we only promise what we can deliver and where possible aim to resolve any issues within 24 hours. We enjoy working with our office and business centre clients and we are sure you will enjoy working with us too.

To find out what Crystal Clean Service Ltd can do for your office or business centre, call 0800 44 88 326, or email