Putting something back!

Hayley Gillbard, managing director of Sheffield based contract cleaning firm Crystal Clean Service, has been providing a little help to a second year business economics student at Sheffield Hallam University, Steven Goodman.

Tasked with finding a local business, founded by an entrepreneur and now successful in the area, Goodman checked with Sheffield Chamber of Commerce to find a company that fitted his brief of an SME with less than 250 employees and with an annual turnover under £50m. Crystal Clean Service fitted the bill perfectly.

Part of the project involved Goodman preparing a series of questions to put to Gillbard in a reasonably formal interview, asking her about her level of business knowledge at 18 when she founded the company, and how she has managed the recruitment and training of her staff.

After the interview Gillbard said, “It would have been great to have someone to speak to before I started my business back in 2008, but despite searching for practical and down to earth help, there was very little available. Any assistance tended to be either very generic, aimed at different kinds of businesses or restricted to start-ups that met certain narrow criteria. So, when Steven contacted me with his interview request, I was happy to share everything that I had learned from my experience of building Crystal Clean Service into the successful company it is today.”

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