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Spring clean, declutter and get organised

The spring-cleaning season is about to start; hopefully the spring weather won’t be too far behind either! We perform quite a few deep cleans at this time of the year and we work with our clients to help them get everything ready.

These are our top tips to a successful spring clean:-

Start by getting organized
Do you have piles of paper work just waiting to be filed? Are there areas of your office being used a bit of a dumping ground? If you’re going to get the most out of your spring-clean it helps to get everything in order first. Go through all the piles in the office, and de-clutter. Have you had items sat in the same place all year, Then ask yourself do you really need them? Be ruthless and throw things away that you don’t need. Not only is this great for getting everything organised, it also helps to keep the office clean. If some of the piles need shredding you can consider have this collected by a specialist too.

Service your heating and cooling system
It’s a good idea to look at servicing the heating and air conditioning equipment. Bacteria can live in faulty air conditioning units so having them serviced makes sure that they are clean and working as efficiency as possible. If you don’t have air-conditioning then make sure you start opening the windows, even if it’s just for a few minutes a day. It brings in the fresh air and helps to prevent condensation and mold.

Pay attention to the toilets
If you have urinals in your building, then we recommend having them flushed through. Over time particles build up in the pipes, this can lead to a build up of unpleasant smells. By having them flushed through it will to rid the system of the build up and keep the toilets smelling fresh.

Desktop equipment
There are so many germs on your desks; keeping  your desks clean and tidy can help reduce the spread of potential viruses. It is a good idea to sanitize your keyboard, monitors and telephones to help keep these germs at bay.

Carpets cleaned
Carpets in the workplace can get particularly dirty, so having them cleaned will keep them looking fresh and clean. Remember dirt and debris can build up within your carpets and can be a breeding ground for mites if not cleaned well on a regular basis.

Clean and tidy office environments provide more productive working places. Do you need a better reason to get started?

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