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5 Ideas to Spruce up your Office this Summer

As we welcome in the summer months (although it may not always be that apparent in the weather) we share our top tips for getting your workplace spruced up and summer ready.

  1. Bored of staring at the same four walls? Give your office a lick of paint. Cheer up outdated décor for something clean and fresh. Light, neutral tones such as blue-green, pale green, pale orange, pale gold can enhance mood and therefore have a positive effect on productivity. However, be warned, avoid bright reds, yellows, violet and purples as these can be distracting and even cause headaches.
  1. Get personal: allowing employees to personalize their office environment could make them feel more at home. Simple touches like family photographs or a funky pen holder adds appeal and comfort to individual desk space.
  1. Make sure everything has its own place. Fed up of things looking like disorganized chaos? Then get that chaos organized by creating new filing systems, labeling archives and clearing workspaces. Only have things that are needed for the day out on display on your desk – A clear desk is a clear mind.
  1. De-clutter! Old souvenirs collected from last year’s exhibitions, unused stationary and books collecting dust? Whilst it may seem that your work area is getting tight on space, it may be the simple fact you are storing too much clutter.
  1. Clear some headspace. Allow yourself ample time to de-stress and relax away from your stressful working routine. Consider getting out into fresh spring air by taking a short walk in your lunch break or simply eat lunch outside on a sunny day. Taking a small break away from your computer screen could dramatically improve your stress levels. A spring clean doesn’t always have to begin with cleaning!

You may be surprised how incorporating some of these small steps could go a long way towards chirping up employees and enhancing morale.

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