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Steps to take to ensure you are safe to reopen your business

Many more businesses are going to reopening over the next 3 weeks. The Government released tips to help you get ready and here is our handy break down of the steps you need to undertake to ensure your business is clean & safe. 

Step 1 – Do an assessment for your business, what areas need to be addressed before you can reopen? Do you need to rearrange furniture, do you have all the supplies you need, are you changing working times, does your cleaning schedule need to be changed? 

Step 2 – Contact your cleaner and ask if they can help with a new routine for cleaning key areas and common touch points on a more regular basis. Do you need a deep clean to get you started? Have you got a cleaning schedule in place?

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Step 3 – Get in touch with your supplier for anti-bacterial spray, wipes and hand gel & place a regular order. At the moment the demand for these products is very high and supplies are taking much longer to reach you, so order these items as soon as possible.

Step 4  – The government says we need well ventilated workspaces however, some reports show that circulating air through air conditioning units could present a risk to spreading the virus. Make sure that windows remain open throughout the day.

Step 5 – Frequent cleaning of work areas and equipment between uses, to reduce cross contamination. Ensure that your team members have a checklist and understand that it is vitally important that they to stay on top of disinfecting their own work areas.

Step 6 – Frequent cleaning of common touch points like light switches, door handles, the kettle and fridge need to be done daily. You will also need to ensure there are adequate rubbish collections are scheduled.  

Step 7 – Implement a clear desk policy, ensure desks are clear of everything except equipment when your team members leave, this will also ensure the cleaners can disinfect the area properly. 

Step 8 – If you have cases of COVID-19, a very specific cleaning schedule should be followed in order to ensure a safe working environment. Talk with your cleaner and ensure that you are fully aware of what this process is. Hopefully you won’t need it, but you need to be prepared should it happen.

If you have any questions or queries about your cleaning needs and would like specific advice relating to the coronavirus, please get in touch with our team today.

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