Commercial Cleaning Chesterfield

How to spot a good cleaner?

We are constantly asked why our team and our cleaners are different to last company they used, why the standard is better and why in general the whole experience is just different? Many people assume that cleaning is easy, but we know that the industry suffers a bad reputation for …

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picture of autumn leaves

Why Autumn is the best time for your Spring clean!

Forget spring cleaning, it’s all about the Autumn clean and with very good reason. A leading public health expert, Dr Lisa Ackerley, Professor from the University of Salford and Bosch, found that Autumn is the peak time for dirt and bacteria to grow. As the days become colder, the windows remain shut …

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untidy office desk

Clean up for Summer

After weeks of wonderful weather, we are all starting to believe that we may get a really good summer this year. Many colleagues are booking long weekends to the British coast and enjoying the warmer evenings really taking advantage of the heat. We have to admit it; the sun just …

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Waterless urinals

Are Your Urinals Taking the P*ss?

Are you consistently being greeted with a smelly washroom and clogged pipes? Sick of having to flush out your systems and deal with messy blockages? Well, it may be time to re-consider your urinal system. For many years, the standard, manual urinal has been a popular choice for toilet facilities, …

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