Tips for Office cleaning

What to do to keep your office clean if your cleaner goes on holiday.

It is the holiday season and we know that not every cleaning company has enough team members to be able to arrange cover if your usual cleaner goes away. So, if you don’t have any cover and don’t have access to the professional cleaning products they normally use, we have some great tips for you if you plan on tackling some of the jobs yourself.

Are there finger prints and smudges all over your lift doors? Are your lift doors stainless steel? Are they covered in marks and smudges? The easiest way to remove these is with a little oil, either baby oil or cooking oil. Use a tiny amount on a cloth and simply wipe over the surface. We would recommend a microfibre cloth as it won’t leave behind any dust fibres afterwards.

Have you got pen marks on wooden desks? This is a great tip, toothpaste works wonders to remove pen marks, including permanent marker. Simply add a small amount on the surface and then gently rub with a soft cloth or even a tooth brush and you will see the pen marks disappear. It will also leave a nice minty, fresh aroma behind!

If you have an office pet, this is a great tip for cleaning up the hairs. If you have a pet in the office you can end up with animal hair on the furniture and even your clothes, if you don’t have a lint roller then a wet rubber glove makes a great substitute. Wet the glove and shake off the excess water and then simply wipe it over the surfaces you want to pick up the hair – don’t put it on though, use the glove in the same way you would a cloth.

Make your sponges last longer and keep them clean Are your sponges smelling a little? Are you conscious not to spread germs with dirty cloths and sponges but you are also mindful of trying to reduce the amount of waste you create? If you want to ensure that your sponges are clean and free of germs simply soak in water and then pop them in your microwave on a high heat for 90 seconds. You will then be able to continue to use the sponges for longer periods knowing that they are clean and hygienic.

Another tip, when you have finished washing up, add a drop of washing up liquid to the damp sponge, give it a good squeeze and leave it.

Keep your Fridge and dishwasher smelling fresh. During the summer months we notice that some fridges don’t perform as well as they should and as a result can start to smell. Whilst we would always recommend a thorough clean, we understand that you might not have the time to do it yourself. If your cleaner is off for two weeks, a good tip is to leave half a lemon in there, it helps to neutralise the odours. You can then use the other half in the dishwasher so that it doesn’t smell throughout the day (just remember to remove it before you turn it on!)

More great tips for keeping your office clean:-

•          Empty your bins each evening

•          Disinfect your mouse, keyboard, light switches and door handles 

•          Open your windows every day and let the air circulate 

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