Why not take a Tour de office?

Why not take a Tour de office?

How-cleanWe all know how important a clean working environment is not only to promote a “positive working attitude” for staff but also to comply with HSE regulations. When was the last time you took a tour of your office, factory or place of work to see what improvements could be made by adapting a ‘cleaner’ approach to your entire property or premise?


Whilst taking your tour try and look at the BIG picture.

  • What are the risk assessments for people working at height?
  • What is underneath them?
  • What can be tided away to make your working environment safer and tidier?
  • Are there any grease spots on the floor making the surface slippery?
  • Do you have the right hazardous signage displayed?
  • Do you comply with COSHH regulations?
  • Are you cleaning your office/ factory with the right products and equipment?
  • Are they cleaned often enough?
  • Is your current cleaning routine impacting on your work environment?

Slips and trips are the most common causes of injuries at work. Poor floor cleaning accounts for a significant number of injuries with around 90% of injuries resulting in broken bones costing businesses over £500million per year according to HSE [http://www.hse.gov.uk/cleaning/topics/slips.htm] not to mention the cost of any legal action that may be incurred.

We take all of this and more into consideration when working with our clients. We conduct a thorough initial audit (and tour) of their premises and requirements including taking into account HSE regulations to reduce injures at work.

We work around:

  • YOUR production times
  • YOUR staff
  • YOUR requirements

We’re more than just a cleaning company… we’re the answer to all your cleaning and hygiene needs! Please call us on 0800 44 88 326 to discuss your requirements.

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We’ll visit your site and gain a full understanding of what you require from a cleaning company.
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