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What makes a trusted service?

Handing over your keys to a new cleaning company could be a little nerve wracking. You’re giving unfettered access to your office to people you’ve never met. What if they forget to lock up? What if they lose the keys? Are the cleaners all trustworthy? It’s the sort of thing that might keep you up at night.

Every professional cleaning service will be able to confirm that it’s fully insured against mistakes and misdemeanours by all its staff, but it is up to you to satisfy yourself that all insurances and Disclosure and Barring (DBS) checks are up to date and valid. DBS checks are important not simply for vetting purposes, but also because your cleaning company’s insurance may be rendered invalid if the checks are incomplete or out of date. Take, for example, the London cleaning companies who neglected to carry out DBS checks on two men posing as window cleaners, and then had to pick up a bill for more than £70,000 of theft and damage!

To avoid confusion it’s best to arrange to see your chosen cleaning service’s documentation at the outset of the contract, including the details of its insurance, and establish how it will deal with issues like a failure to lock up, loss of keys, theft, damage and other potential problems. It’s also crucial that you exchange out of hours contact details with your cleaning service so that, in the event of an issue or problem, the right people can be notified immediately to bring about a resolution.

You should also ask your cleaning service precisely what its insurance arrangements cover, and finding out whether there are any gaps between its insurance cover and yours, in the event of theft, accidental damage or other loss.

The risks of using a commercial cleaning service are few, and easy to avoid almost completely with a little due diligence. Confirming the existence of valid insurances and recent DBS checks goes a long way to giving you peace of mind. It makes a worst case scenario much less likely, and in the event of a problem with theft or damage, you know that matters will be dealt with swiftly and effectively whilst shielding you from losses or liabilities.


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